CuteText's API

This API requires cURL (or other library) and a JSON decoder, anyone can be compatible.
URL base is:

Its use is as follows, using URL parameters:

Here an example using cURL and JQ package (Linux):

            jarriz@jarriz:~$ curl -s "" | jq -r '.result .text'


We must identify the parameters in any order, starting with ? and separating parameters with & to distinguish among them, all parameters should be sent by GET method.

Some will have additional options, as in format, read about how to use it.

Argument Function Type
text Argument where must have text to turn the format. string
format Argument where must have the chosen format, you can use an JSON array like ["formato1", "formato2"]. string / array
ln Argument to change errors language (it has as available en and es). string
spaces Argument to include spaces into the text (it's only functional with: underlined, crossed-out and upperlined). bool


Inside the format parameter you can use multiple types, and include a JSON array indicating all the formats what you want to create.

For get better speed, the script will save into cache the formats in such way that script will not generate again the text if it's the same string, thus speeding up until the double.

Format Example RegEx
egyptian ૯ڙ૯றϷԼଇ Only lowercase ([a-z]).
tuenti ejemplo Only lowercase and uppercase ([a-zA-Z]).
squared 🅴🅹🅴🅼🅿🅻🅾 Only lowercase ([a-z]).
doubled 𝕖𝕛𝕖𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕠 Only lowercase and uppercase ([a-zA-Z]).
inverted olpmeje Any character (.+).
cursive 𝒆𝓳𝒆𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓸 Only lowercase and uppercase ([a-zA-Z]).
circled ⓔⓙⓔⓜⓟⓛⓞ Only lowercase ([a-z]).
blue 🇪 🇯 🇪 🇲 🇵 🇱 🇴 Only uppercase ([A-Z]).
underlined e̲j̲e̲m̲p̲l̲o̲ Any character (.+).
strikeout e̶j̶e̶m̶p̶l̶o̶ Any character (.+).
reflect oldɯǝɾǝ Only lowercase ([a-z]).
little ᵉʲᵉᵐᵖˡᵒ Only lowercase and uppercase, numbers and + - = ([a-zA-Z0-9+-=]).
upperlined e̅j̅e̅m̅p̅l̅o̅ Any character (.+).
otgo 乇フ乇ᄊアレo Some uppercase letters and some lowercase letters [a-zA-Z]?).
fire oldɯǝɾǝ Any character (.+).


Every error will be returned in case there's one.

You must verify parameter "ok" in your code for not returning nil values.

code (int) description return example
2 This error will be returned when 'texto' parameter is not included in the URL. {"ok":false,"resultado":{"error":"parameter 'texto' not found","error_codigo":2}}
3 This error will be returned when 'format' parameter is not included in the URL. {"ok":false,"resultado":{"error":"parameter 'formato' not found","error_codigo":3}}
4 This error will be returned when the required parameters are not included in the URL. {"ok":false,"resultado":{"error":"parameters required not found","error_codigo":4}}
5 This error will be returned when the format chosen doesn't exist. {"ok":false,"resultado":{"error":"format not found","error_codigo":5}}
6 This error will be returned when the requested lang isn't available. {"ok":false,"resultado":{"error":"lenguaje no disponible","error_codigo":6}}
7 This error will be returned when the MySQL database isn't available. {"ok":false,"resultado":{"error":"error while connecting MySQL","error_codigo":6}}

API responses

Will have two responses for evaluating if the process has been completed, or not, returning in "ok" true or false

Value Type Description
ok Bool (true/false) Devuelve true en caso de haya habido algún error, de caso contrario devolverá true.
result array (tipo JSON) Devolverá diferentes datos dependiendo del valor de ok.
Value Type ¿That happen if I got an error?
text string of selected text false
format string of selected format false
long int of long false
array bool if text is type array false
cached bool if text and format is cached false
error string of error true
code int of error code true
value string of value of format not found true